At the same time,  all fireplaces were closed and gas heat was put in the building.  During that time period of heavy use by the public schools a one-story addition was built on the back of the building. (52)

        Today, the fireplaces have been restored and the east window has been restored,  but the annex remains.  It is currently used for an NISD office, mentoring classroom, and ONUB storage.

        Recent research has confirmed that The Old Nacogdoches University Building  is the oldest college or university building in the State of Texas.  And, with the exception of an old house once used for the School for the Blind in Austin and an old building in Seguin once used for grammar school classes, The Old Nacogdoches University Building is the oldest “school house” in Texas. The past one hundred and fifty years have proven that Nacogdoches citizens appreciate their rich heritage,  and that they are willing to provide the care and maintenance needed to preserve this local, state, and national treasure, The Old Nacogdoches University Building.

The Building Today

        The Old Nacogdoches University stands today as a living monument to the value Nacogdoches citizens have always placed on education.  Its importance is verified by markers from the Nacogdoches Historic Landmark Commission, the Texas Historic Commission, and the National Register of Historic Places.  The building stands on its original site, with its original room configuration, with the original bell, and with restorations completed in ways that maintain the integrity of the original structure. The lower level of the building is used as a community gathering space.  It is the home of the Nacogdoches Federation of Women’s Club as well as a rental facility.   The upper level is a museum dedicated to the l9th century education, Confederate Hospital, and community events held in the building throughout the years

        Use of the building by local citizens, tourists,

and Texas history students continues to increase.  In 2009, approximately 4000 people visited the building.

        The Nacogdoches Federation of Women’s Clubs, as trustees of the building, continue to manage the building and its programs.  The Nacogdoches Independent School District retains ownership of the building and property.  The district is a faithful partner in the upkeep of building and grounds.  A governing board made up of two delegates from each of the 19 member clubs, meets monthly throughout  fall, winter, and spring.  In addition,  an advisory committee of local citizens (outside the Federation)  serve to advise and  support the trustees.  Docents make the building available for tours daily, except for Sunday and Monday.  School tours and tours for special groups are available by appointment.  Local families and community organizations are urged to make use of this local, state, and national treasure.  The lower level is frequently rented by family and community groups. 

        The goal of the Federation is,  first and foremost,  to maintain and care for this valuable historical site.  Equally important is the goal of making the building available for the enjoyment and education of students, citizens, and tourists.  Toward that end there are continuous care activities. Some form of repairs, acquisitions, and restorations (both major and minor) are ongoing. In the past two years, a major goal has been to increase participation of students, tourists, and citizens in the building’s programs.  The celebration of this l50th anniversary year has provided the opportunity to work vigorously toward those goals.  More interpretative data and a wide variety of programming for all age groups provided the vehicle for increased  use of the building and for more widespread appreciation for the building as a community treasure. 

       Through the years some interesting changes were made to accommodate the various uses of the building.  For example, in the early 1920s when the building was used by the public schools, the second window from the front on the east side of the building was converted to a doorway.

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